Satellites for Earning on Link Exchanges

It’s no secret that satellites created for earning on link exchanges are rarely long-lasting in the world of the internet and constantly face the threat of search engine bans.

Therefore, the main task for the creator of such virtual resources like satellites is to quickly profit from a short-lived project. Below are the main rules to follow when earning on link exchanges through satellites.

Rules for Working with Link Exchanges

  1. The more places available for placing paid links, the higher the profit. It is desirable for each satellite to have at least a hundred pages, ideally 500-600. Remember that all virtual projects must pass through a moderation process.
  2. Platforms with excessively low-quality content obtained from the use of special programs are unlikely to pass moderation on any of the link exchanges.
  3. Satellites should be filled by rewriting articles, or in other words, rewriting. Pay particular attention to the main page of the virtual platform; the content published on it must be unique and of high quality.
  4. Pages should preferably be placed on the second level of nesting. This will increase earnings compared to using third-level pages. Regarding the fourth level, it is recommended to avoid using it initially, otherwise the satellite will quickly end up in the blacklists of search engines. Also, pay attention to the URL structure (Clean URLs).
  5. Various duplicates, tags, and service files of the engine are best placed in the robots.txt file in order to avoid additional suspicion from search engine robots.
  6. It’s best to sell link spaces in the satellite’s structure as quickly as possible. This means that you shouldn’t set high prices for placing links, otherwise the project will be banned before the creator can profit from it.
  7. If the satellite is intended to earn on link exchanges, it is preferable to completely avoid various external links that will not bring any dividends to the owner of the internet resource. If they are already placed, it is advisable to liquidate them promptly.

By adhering to the above rules, you can earn well from creating a satellite.