Typos in SEO

How about this sentence: “Site promotion and top 10 ranking based on TYPOS!” :) It sounds a bit strange, but there’s a reason behind it.

During website promotion, competitive keywords are used. In popular search engines, this competition is constantly increasing. As a result, more resources are needed to push a site to the top of search engines. So, what do typos have to do with this?

Very often, users make mistakes when entering search queries. Sometimes, they even forget to switch the keyboard layout. Interestingly, competition for typos is much lower, making it much easier to promote a site through them.

Typos bring in a lot of traffic. Let’s consider an example. Take a high-frequency query like “air conditioners.” If we look at the statistics, we see that there are 722,288 impressions per month for the word “air conditioners.” Now, imagine a user typing this word without switching the keyboard layout, and let’s look at the statistics for the word “rjylbwbjyths.” It gets 1,504 impressions per month.

Keyword Research

Decide which typos are directly related to your website. You can do this in the following ways:

Find a list of possible typos. Quickly try to type the needed query yourself on the keyboard to see what typos might occur.

Use typo generators. These generators choose all the variants that could occur when entering a specific text.

Analyze the results. See if there’s a need to promote your site through these typos.

Once you have identified your keywords, move on to SEO optimization. The methods for promoting these typo words will be slightly different. If you promote your site through these words just like ordinary words, your site may lose trust. Few visitors want to deal with something illiterate. Let’s look at how to promote your site through typos and avoid damaging your site’s reputation.

You can place typos in inconspicuous places on your page. These include “alt” attributes when inserting images.

You can use such words in blog comments. This approach won’t damage your reputation because users often write words with mistakes.

You can apply typos in contextual advertising.

Use at your own risk. But remember, this is shady and because of such manipulations, the internet is increasingly full of trash. In general, I do not recommend doing this, but it doesn’t hurt to know about it.