Properly Optimizing an Article for a Search Query

Optimizing articles for search queries plays a crucial role in website promotion today. Here are a few key points to consider:

Choosing the Key Query

The first step is choosing a suitable search query. It’s recommended to use medium and low-frequency queries, as they are usually less competitive. You can use keyword selection services like WordStat and the Yandex word selection service. Evaluate the statistics and choose readable query options.

Article Title

The article title should be based on the chosen query. This helps improve its SEO performance.

Using Keywords

Use the selected search query no more than five times in the article. It’s important not to overuse keywords to avoid saturating the text.

Publication Frequency

It is recommended to publish from two to four articles per month. If paid placement is used, articles can be placed according to the following scheme: one article on several sites or one to two articles on two to four sites. In the case of paid placement, make the articles more informative and useful to attract more visitors from quality sites.


Properly optimizing an article for a search query requires time and meticulous work, but the results can significantly improve the visibility of your site in search engines. Good luck with writing articles and achieving your desired results! :)