Rules for Setting up a Site Page for Advertisers

An essential attribute of any profitable internet project today is a special page designed for potential advertisers. The main goal of creating such a page, of course, is to provide information about the resource to future advertising clients and convince them of the advantages of collaborating with this site.

Below are the main sections that the advertiser page should contain, as well as rules for their content.

Information about the Site: Naturally, introducing potential advertisers to the virtual platform they find themselves on is the top priority for its owner. This section includes a description of the site’s goals, its future prospects, and more. Additionally, it’s crucial to mention the date the internet resource was founded, as clients tend to trust projects that have been operating for a long time. When presenting information, it’s best to use a concise style. Ideally, all site details should fit into two paragraphs.

Site Metrics: The second section of the special page for advertisers is dedicated to describing the parameters of the virtual project. It is appropriate to include site counters, the number of subscribers to its newsletter, the number of participants on Twitter, and so on. Of course, it is also mandatory to provide information about the site’s PR and TIC based on these data potential clients will make decisions about cooperation or refusal.

Types of Advertising: The third section of the special page is a place to list all possible advertising services provided by the site. In addition, it is worth attaching the rates for them.

Contact Information: The final section of the page is intended for indicating contact information for communication. It could be the phone number of the specialist responsible for placing advertising materials on the pages of the virtual platform. A great solution is to provide several contact options. These could be email addresses, phone numbers, Skype, and so on.

And finally, a mandatory element that should be included on the advertiser’s page is a feedback form. By receiving the opportunity to contact the owner or employees of the internet project immediately after reviewing the information, potential advertisers are more likely to proceed with the collaboration.