My Journey of Opening an Online Store

Hi, everyone! I’m Sergey, the administrator of an online wristwatch store in Tyumen.

At just 20 years old, I built my own small business and now earn a decent income without working for anyone else. But enough about boasting; in this article, I want to share with you how I got into online business, created my online store, and what motivated me to do so.

It all began back in 9th grade, at my school desk. By then, I had already lost interest in my studies and neglected my homework because all my free time was spent learning about website building and SEO. School didn’t interest me; all I cared about was making money online. Honestly, I had many websites. They were hosted on free servers and built using free website builders like I created websites, earned small amounts from them, and reinvested the money into creating new ones. I probably created about 5 sites this way.

Later, I decided to accumulate a substantial sum and launch a serious project related to news in the multiplayer gaming industry. I accomplished this within six months. By the time I finished school, I was already earning good money and had my own website. It was time to choose a career path and further education. I had no desire to study, let alone work, which led to misunderstandings with my parents and friends. I had a serious argument with my parents and decided to move out. They didn’t believe I would achieve anything in life. I rented an apartment and thought about how to turn my invested pennies into hundreds of thousands of rubles.

I spent days analyzing the internet and decided that opening an online store was the right move. I began searching for wholesale warehouses and dealers. Once everything was set up, I quickly got the store onto the first pages of search engines, and business took off. I was hardly ever home; every day, I was out in the city delivering goods to customers. I then focused on expanding, hiring two people on a commission basis. I obtained the necessary permits for sales and opened my own sole proprietorship. Exactly 1.5 years later, I returned home to my parents. I arrived in my own car (a Lada from the 12th model) with my beloved girlfriend. I walked in with a bouquet of red roses for my mother. My family was amazed at what I had achieved, at my strong character…

I want to encourage you to pursue your goals no matter what. Sometimes you may lose friends and even parents… In my case, I lost everything, but I came back stronger than ever!