5 Ways to Attract Customer Attention in an Online Store

  1. Free Cheese: Giving away something for free can significantly increase sales volume. Marketing tactics such as discounts and additional items are as effective as ever. The specific item offered for free is often less important than the fact of saving money, which is important to visitors.
  2. The Dollar Sign: Observations have shown that indicating the price of the offered product in rubles is more effective. The presence of a euro or dollar sign next to the price of the product decreases the demand for it. Alternatively, the numbers should be typed in a larger font than the dollar sign.
  3. The 9 Principle: This widely used tactic in real supermarkets is equally effective in virtual sales. Prices are indicated in such a way – 9.99, 9.97, 9.9. Human thought processes do not immediately process the cost in its entirety, with the number after the decimal being largely ignored. Thus, the price appears lower. However, it’s not advisable to overuse nines.
  4. Font Size: Research has shown that demand for a product also depends on the font and size of the price tag accompanying it. It is preferable to avoid excessively large price tags, as these tools tend to deter potential buyers. A more successful alternative is a large, attractive photo of the product, complemented by a neatly typed, readable price tag.
  5. Limitations: Creating customer confidence that a scarce product is offered can lead to significant successes. Why not get rid of a significant amount of poorly sold product simply by limiting the number of units that can get into the hands of one person.