Is Freelancing an Easy Life?

These days, the term “freelancer” is quite familiar and no longer surprises anyone. Many people dream of escaping the routine office job to work from home, doing what they love and getting paid for it. The popular image of freelancers is that of free-spirited individuals making huge sums of money while lounging on the couch with a laptop. But let’s clarify the realities of freelancing.

First, many assume freelancing means sleeping in until noon, spending a couple of hours online, doing a bit of work, and then heading out for a stroll in the park. Dispel these fantasies immediately. The desire to laze around will vanish once you miss your first deadline. Freelancers’ days are structured similarly to office workers’—early mornings and work until evening with a lunch break. The only difference is the location. Without diligent effort, you won’t achieve the desired results or income.

Competition is another significant factor. Do you think clients will only buy your custom website template? There are thousands of talented designers online, and you’ll need to work hard to stand out. This often involves sleepless nights and no free time.

Of course, no one is forcing you to give up all life’s pleasures. You can still read the news or take breaks, but initially, if you decide to pursue this path, be prepared to “work your brains out.” Building a positive reputation among clients is crucial, and eventually, they will seek you out instead of the other way around. However, this takes a considerable amount of time and depends on your skills and experience.

Be prepared to manage not just your work schedule but also your finances. As a freelancer, you won’t have a pension plan. You’ll need to open a savings account for emergencies and try to avoid dipping into it unless absolutely necessary.

No one is trying to discourage you from freelancing. While the above might challenge your perceptions, if you are ready to leave behind the drab office life, trade your business suit for a comfortable t-shirt and shorts, and embrace routine work from home, then welcome to the world of freelancing!