How to Increase Website Traffic

Anyone who creates a website eventually thinks about how to promote it. Increasing website traffic is achievable even for a beginner, as it involves just a few steps: filling the site with unique content, compiling a list of search queries for promotion, and purchasing a few backlinks to boost the site’s authority.

In this guide, we’ll delve into each of these steps to optimize your site or blog effectively.

Filling the Site with Unique Content

First and foremost, write a unique article for the homepage of your website. Since the article will be unique, search engines will have no trouble indexing your site, which means it won’t be buried in search results.

However, the article should not only be unique but also of high quality. Remember: uniqueness is for search engines, but quality is for your readers. All pages of your site should be filled with unique content. A good strategy is to follow the 20/40 rule (unique articles/copied articles). This means you write 20 unique articles for every 40 copied ones. Search engines will initially think you’ll continue producing unique content, thus they will easily index the copied content as well.

You can write and add unique content yourself, but it will take much longer than using the aforementioned strategy.

Compiling a List of Keywords

Next, compile a small list of keywords that you will use to promote your site. Yandex’s “Word Selection” tool can help with this.

Navigate to Yandex -> Direct -> (top) Word Selection. This will take you to the keyword selection page. Enter a general tag related to your site’s topic. This will generate a list of popular search queries related to your site’s theme. Copy these queries into a notepad and start writing articles using these keywords. As you write articles for other pages, your homepage will automatically rise in search engine rankings.

Purchasing Backlinks

Purchase backlinks on sites like XAP or Sape. These platforms are popular among webmasters and advertisers. Each platform has a catalog divided by site themes.

It’s best to buy links from sites that are similar in theme to yours. This will help boost your site’s authority for specific queries and can also increase your thematic citation index (tIC).

Don’t buy more than four links per day, as a rapid increase in backlinks can negatively impact your site’s external optimization.