Indexing Your Website in Google

Many new website owners assume that their internet project will be immediately visible to all search engines and start attracting clients and customers right away. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Without taking specific actions, your website might remain unnoticed by search engine robots for 30 to 100 days. Proper indexing measures can help your site be indexed by Google in just 4-7 days.

To speed up the indexing of your website in Google, follow these steps:

  1. Submit Your URL to Google:
  2. Register and Verify Your Website in Google Search Console:
    • Create a Google account if you don’t have one.
    • Go to Google Search Console and add your website.
    • In the “Dashboard,” go to the “Crawl” section and then “Sitemaps.” Submit your sitemap (e.g.,
    • In the “Fetch as Google” section, you can manually add individual web pages for crawling and indexing.
  3. Set Up Google Analytics:
    • Register your site with Google Analytics.
    • Confirm administrative rights to gain access to additional tools for gathering and analyzing traffic statistics.
  4. Create a Google Ads Campaign:
    • Register, create, and fund a Google Ads campaign at Google Ads.
    • Set a minimum cost per click of $0.01 (1 ruble). Later, increase your bid to $0.07 (5-7 rubles). Websites with paid ads tend to be indexed faster.

By following these steps, you can significantly reduce the time it takes for Google to index your website, ensuring that it becomes visible to search engine users much more quickly.