Daily Tasks for Monitoring Website Health

There are several operations that, while not time-consuming, can help website owners maintain their sites’ health and functionality and enhance SEO effectiveness. Here is a list of the most important daily tasks to perform:

1. Check the Search Index for Unknown Pages

Monitoring the search index for unknown pages is an effective way to ensure the site’s health. If the site or parts of it get hacked and redirected to another resource, these pages will appear in search results immediately. Regular checks help detect and address such issues swiftly.

2. Verify the Total Number of Indexed Pages

A sudden change in the number of indexed pages should raise concerns, as it might indicate problems in the page code. The number of indexed pages should remain relatively stable. Any significant fluctuation needs immediate investigation.

3. Identify Site Errors in the Webmaster Panel

Modern search engines offer webmaster tools that notify users about any detected errors in the website’s structure. Regularly checking these panels ensures that any issues are promptly addressed, maintaining site health.

4. Monitor Outgoing Links

Utilize software designed to monitor outgoing links to ensure they remain relevant and high-quality. For small websites, the quality of outgoing links is crucial, as poor-quality links can harm the site’s reputation. It’s essential to track and remove spam links promptly.

5. Track 404 Errors and Broken Links

Special software can help identify broken links and 404 errors. Regular checks, combined with insights from webmaster tools, ensure that all links remain functional and direct users correctly.


Daily monitoring of your website’s health is crucial for its smooth operation and effective growth. These tasks require minimal time but are invaluable in preventing issues and maintaining site performance. Consistent checks help in timely identification and resolution of problems, ensuring a seamless user experience and better search engine rankings.