Apple is reportedly considering the launch of an entirely new type of iPhone in 2025

The iPhone 17 isn’t even out yet, but rumors are already swirling about what it might offer. According to The Information, Apple may release a thinner iPhone 17 in 2025 as a completely new addition to its lineup. Internally code-named D23, it’s expected to undergo a major redesign, potentially on par with the iPhone X’s overhaul in 2017.

The key changes anticipated for the D23 iPhone include a significantly thinner body and a smaller cutout in the display. There’s also speculation that Apple might replace the Dynamic Island with a pinhole cutout, which could debut as early as the upcoming iPhone 16 launch this fall. Other possible changes include relocating the rear camera from the upper-left corner to the top center. The screen size is expected to fall between the 6.1 inches of the iPhone 16 Pro and the 6.9 inches of the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

This rumored superthin iPhone 17 is said to take inspiration from Apple’s thinnest-ever iPad Pro, which was showcased during the “Let Loose” event on May 7. The new 13-inch iPad Pro measures just 0.2 inches thick (5.1mm), down from 0.25 inches (6.4mm). While shaving off a fraction of an inch may not seem significant, Apple has highlighted the achievement, even featuring a controversial ad that demonstrated various instruments and tools being compressed into the iPad Pro.

The rumored thinner chassis of the iPhone 17 also aligns with the latest speculation about the increased energy density of the iPhone 16 Pro Max. This advancement could result in a longer-lasting battery or allow Apple to use a smaller battery while maintaining the same capacity. Since batteries occupy a significant amount of space within a phone’s body, slimming down the chassis with new battery technology could be Apple’s strategy to further reduce the width of the iPhone 17.

If these rumors come to fruition, the new iPhone 17 D23 could potentially be more expensive than even the iPhone 17 Pro Max, typically the priciest model in Apple’s iPhone lineup. According to Apple Insider, this doesn’t necessarily mean Apple will introduce five different iPhone models; instead, it plans to discontinue the iPhone 17 Plus.

This move would make sense as Apple could consolidate the Plus and Pro Max models, which cater to a similar category of consumers looking for larger screens and batteries. However, Apple could still differentiate prices by introducing a model even more expensive than the Pro Max.

It’s still early days, though, and with the superthin iPhone 17 not expected to launch until 2025, there’s plenty of time for these plans to evolve.