External Links and Methods to Obtain Them: Link Exchanges

Acquiring external links is a pivotal task in search engine optimization (SEO) aimed at transferring statistical weight from one site to another, thereby influencing search engine rankings significantly. Purchasing links through specialized link exchanges is one of the simplest methods to acquire the necessary number of external links for your website.

Below, I’ll describe some of the most popular and user-demanded link exchanges in the online world:

1. Miralinks

Miralinks is recognized as one of the highest-quality article exchanges in the Russian-speaking segment of the internet. It leverages the strategy of promoting websites through articles, which has become a modern trend. Site owners can order text materials from copywriters or create them independently.

These texts naturally contain one or two links inviting users to visit the promoted website. Miralinks helps in selecting third-party platforms for publishing such articles and notes.

2. GoGetLinks and GetGoodLinks

These two services are considered among the most reliable and high-quality projects for acquiring permanent links. They simplify the process of purchasing contextual links, notes, and image links. Professional SEO experts recommend alternating between these options because search engines favor sites with diverse link profiles.

3. Sape.ru

Sape.ru is a well-established and popular platform known for its link rental service, requiring monthly payments. Failure to renew the payment promptly leads to link removal. The primary goal of using such temporary links is the rapid and efficient enhancement of a website’s performance indicators.

Temporary links are characterized by their low cost, making mass rental feasible. However, it’s crucial to consider the negative stance search engines have towards such links.


Link exchanges are vital tools in SEO for boosting a website’s search engine rankings through the accumulation of external link weight. Platforms like Miralinks, GoGetLinks, GetGoodLinks, and Sape.ru offer various strategies and services to cater to different SEO needs, from article placements to contextual and image links. Integrating these services can diversify your link profile and positively impact your website’s visibility and authority on search engines. However, it’s important to use these services judiciously and consider the long-term implications for your website’s SEO health.