Tumblr Launches Communities in Open Beta

Tumblr, the blogging site now under Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com, has announced the open beta launch of its new feature, “Communities.” This move comes six months after Communities initially launched in closed beta.

Communities on Tumblr are semi-private spaces dedicated to specific topics, akin to subreddits on Reddit or Communities on X (formerly Twitter). Each community has its own moderators, rules, and privacy settings, providing users with a more focused and controlled environment to connect with others.

Currently, users can request to create a community and join a waitlist. Tumblr Labs reports over 5,800 communities on the waitlist and is working to open the experience to more users as quickly as possible.

The introduction of Communities marks a significant expansion of Tumblr’s capabilities beyond traditional blogging and publishing. This shift aligns Tumblr more closely with social networking platforms like Reddit and X, offering users a structured way to engage with others who share their interests.

The idea for Communities arose from user feedback requesting better ways to find and connect with like-minded individuals. With Communities, users can now join dedicated spaces for specific interests, eliminating the need to search through blogs individually.

Communities on Tumblr can serve various purposes, such as bringing together fans of TV shows, artists, or book series. They can also be used to create spaces for schools, book clubs, friend groups, and more.

This move underscores Tumblr’s commitment to evolving its platform to meet the changing needs and expectations of its user base, enhancing the overall user experience through more structured and community-driven interactions.