The Fascinating Way Microsoft and Apple Are Being Forced to Team Up

Apple’s recent announcement at WWDC 2024 about its collaboration with OpenAI as part of Apple Intelligence has sparked significant interest. New details from Bloomberg reveal that Apple will join Microsoft in having an observer role on OpenAI’s board of directors. Apple Fellow Phil Schiller, formerly the company’s marketing chief, will occupy this role, allowing him to attend OpenAI’s board meetings and stay informed on the company’s strategic decisions. However, as an observer, Schiller will not have voting rights or participate in meeting procedures.

Interestingly, the partnership between Apple and OpenAI is reportedly cash-free. Instead, OpenAI benefits from the long-term exposure of ChatGPT, while Apple gains insights into OpenAI’s product developments. This mutually beneficial arrangement may have additional undisclosed advantages as well.

ChatGPT has set records as the fastest-growing consumer application in history, raising questions about its need for further exposure through Apple. Nonetheless, with concerns about a potential “AI bubble,” OpenAI’s alignment with established tech giants like Apple and Microsoft provides a strategic hedge against future market uncertainties.

Microsoft, OpenAI’s other board observer, has a long-standing relationship with the AI company, including early investments and recent collaborations on Microsoft Copilot. Despite this deep connection, Apple’s macOS was the first to offer a native ChatGPT app, highlighting the competitive yet collaborative dynamics between these tech giants.

This unique partnership showcases how industry leaders are navigating the rapidly evolving AI landscape, leveraging each other’s strengths to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.