Robot Sets New Rubik’s Cube World Record: Solves in a Blink of an Eye

In a groundbreaking achievement, a robot has set a new world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube, completing the puzzle in just 0.305 seconds – faster than the blink of a human eye. This new benchmark, set by Mitsubishi Electric’s TOKUFASTbot, surpasses the previous record of 0.38 seconds, demonstrating the rapid advancements in robotic technology.

Human solvers, like Max Park who holds the current human world record of 3.13 seconds, might find it nearly impossible to compete with this mechanical marvel. The TOKUFASTbot, during tests, managed to solve the cube in as little as 0.204 seconds, although this was not the time recorded by Guinness World Records.

The official record is categorized under “fastest robot to solve a rotating puzzle cube,” subtly bypassing the “Rubik’s Cube” trademark. This distinction likely avoids potential legal issues, given that Rubik’s Cube lost its trademark protection for the 3×3×3 puzzle in Europe.

The engineering behind TOKUFASTbot includes a sophisticated setup featuring a camera, an industrial PC, a touch panel, and a 6-axis servo motor. This configuration allows the robot to rotate its arms 90 degrees in an astonishing 0.009 seconds. The use of an AI-powered color recognition algorithm ensures precise identification of cube colors, even under challenging lighting conditions.

Despite the robot’s remarkable speed, the team encountered challenges, particularly with distinguishing between orange and red hues, which can appear similar under certain lighting. This issue, relatable to many human solvers, highlights the complexity of the task even for advanced robots.

Mitsubishi’s achievement underscores the synergy between AI and mechanical engineering, drawing on expertise from both home appliance and railway industries. The robot’s high-speed signal connections and control systems were crucial in achieving the record-breaking time.

For enthusiasts and aspiring speedcubers, this robotic feat might seem unattainable. However, it also serves as an inspiration to push the boundaries of human capability in the realm of speedcubing. With dedication and practice, solvers can continue to improve their times, even if they can’t quite match the lightning-fast speed of TOKUFASTbot.