Paris Transit Passes Now Available in iPhone’s Wallet App

Apple, in collaboration with Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), has finally launched support for Paris transit passes in the Apple Wallet app. This feature allows users to utilize their iPhone or Apple Watch as a Navigo pass for accessing the metro, trains, trams, and buses in the Paris region.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch Timing: The rollout is timely, given the anticipated influx of visitors to Paris for the Olympic Games this summer.
  • Years of Negotiation: The integration represents the culmination of years of discussions between Apple and IDFM, with a unique approach that doesn’t rely on Apple Pay, Visa, or Mastercard. Instead, the iPhone’s NFC chip emulates a Navigo card.
  • Compatibility: Android users have had similar capabilities for some time, making this a much-anticipated update for Apple users.

Creating and Using a Virtual Navigo Pass

Users can create a virtual Navigo pass via two methods:

  1. Official App: Through the IDFM’s official transportation app.
  2. Apple Wallet: Directly within the Wallet app.

For tourists who prefer to avoid additional app downloads, the process is simple:

  • Open the Wallet app and tap the “+” button to add a Navigo card.
  • Purchase tickets and pay using Apple Pay.
  • Use the iPhone to “tap to ride” by either double-clicking the side button to select the Navigo pass or enabling Express Mode for automatic selection without unlocking the phone.

Benefits and Features

  • Real-Time Notifications: Users receive notifications about ticket counts after each use and can manage and purchase tickets directly from the Wallet app.
  • Power Reserve: If the device battery runs out, Express Mode allows the transit pass to function for a few more hours.
  • Security: In case of device loss, users can disable Express Mode remotely using the Find My app.

Limitations and Future Updates

Currently, annual or Liberté+ subscription holders won’t be able to add their transit passes to Apple Wallet until 2025. This is a minor setback for residents but a significant improvement for tourists and occasional travelers.

Additional Updates from Apple

Alongside the transit pass integration, Apple has introduced real-time transit information. Users can tap on a station or bus stop within the app to see upcoming departures, complementing popular navigation apps like Citymapper and Bonjour RATP. Moreover, Apple plans to add 3D renderings of Parisian venues for the summer games, enhancing the overall user experience.


This update simplifies public transportation for millions of visitors and residents in Paris, marking a significant step forward in digital convenience. With the integration of Navigo passes into Apple Wallet, navigating Paris’s extensive transit system is now more straightforward and user-friendly.