noplace: The New Social Media Sensation for Gen Z Hits No. 1 on the App Store

Aiming to redefine “social” in social media, a fresh app called noplace has soared to the top of the App Store charts following its public release on Wednesday. Targeted at Gen Z and those seeking meaningful connections, noplace is a modern iteration of Myspace, featuring vibrant, customizable profiles where users can share relationship statuses, current activities, favorite media, and more.

noplace’s rise to prominence in the challenging consumer social market is promising, fueled by its unique profile customization options that went viral even before its official launch. Despite Gen Z’s lack of firsthand experience with Myspace’s chaotic charm, the nostalgia for a dynamic social networking environment resonates.

Founder and CEO Tiffany Zhong, who has a history of identifying consumer app trends, noted, “The fun, magical part of the internet has become too uniform.” Zhong, a former early-stage consumer fund founder at Pineapple Capital and a key player at Binary Capital, has a keen eye for potential hits, having predicted the rise of (now TikTok) in 2015.

Zhong, known for her insightful social media commentary on consumer apps, designed noplace to appeal to today’s youth, emphasizing the lost essence of social media. “Social media now feels disconnected and more about media than social interaction,” she explained. This disconnect arises from personalized content that diminishes shared community experiences.

noplace aims to counter this by offering a platform where friends and shared interests coexist. The app features customizable profiles with “stars” (tags) reflecting users’ interests, such as astrology signs, personality types, hobbies, and fandoms. This makes user profiles easily discoverable by like-minded individuals. Echoing Myspace, it even includes a “top 10 friends” section.

Focusing on text-based updates, noplace positions itself more as a global group chat or a Twitter/X competitor than a Facebook alternative. “Facebook 10 years ago was about cool life updates. We don’t get that anymore,” Zhong said. Instead of past events, noplace encourages sharing current activities, enhancing real-time connections.

The app features two reverse-chronological feeds: one for friends and one global, with no private profiles. Users under 18 receive moderated content to ensure safety. The app leverages AI for content suggestions and summaries, maintaining an unfiltered feed experience. “Having a global, public feed is what makes it so fun,” Zhong remarked.

Developed by a remote team of seven, noplace started beta testing last year and quickly went viral, especially among K-pop fans. Now, it provides an alternative to Twitter/X, offering a text-based feed combined with friend-finding and customization features appealing to younger users.

Available for free on iOS and in read-only mode on the web, noplace competes with apps like Wizz, Yubo, purp, and LMK. Backed by investors like 776 (Alexis Ohanian) and Forerunner Ventures, noplace has raised over $19 million, including a $15 million Series A1 round, valuing the company at $75 million.