Michael Saylor Predicts Bitcoin Will Reach $10 Million Per Coin, Offers ‘Economic Immortality’

Michael Saylor, the outspoken co-founder and executive chairman of MicroStrategy, recently made bold claims about Bitcoin in an 84-minute podcast interview. He predicted that Bitcoin’s price would skyrocket to $10 million per coin and suggested that the entire nation of China would eventually support the cryptocurrency.

Economic Pseudoscience

In the podcast, Saylor confidently stated, “The cost of Bitcoin’s going to go up to $10 million a coin,” framing Bitcoin as the future of money. He contrasted Bitcoin with traditional forms of currency by saying, “Perfect money is economic immortality. Imperfect money is: we all have a short, brutal life.” Saylor emphasized that Bitcoin could serve as a tool for corporate immortality.

Bitcoin as Corporate Immortality Machine

Saylor posed the provocative question, “What if I told you I could make your company live forever?” He argued that Bitcoin makes everything that came before it obsolete, dismissing pre-Bitcoin economics as pseudoscience filled with opinions and biases. He stated, “Economics is pseudoscience before Satoshi. It’s a quasi-religious liberal art, and it’s full of people’s opinions and prejudices and biases.”

Extending Corporate Longevity

According to Saylor, companies investing in Bitcoin are better positioned for longevity. He highlighted that the average life expectancy of a corporation is about 10 years and suggested that Bitcoin could eliminate corporate mortality and significantly extend economic vitality. Saylor claimed, “We’re talking about eliminating corporate mortality; we’re talking about stretching economic vitality easily by a factor of 10, maybe by a factor of a hundred, maybe by a factor of a million.”

Future Predictions and China’s Embrace of Bitcoin

Saylor also predicted that China would embrace Bitcoin, both the government and its people. He believes that, in the future, a single Bitcoin will be worth $10 million, asserting that Bitcoin’s potential is unparalleled in the current economic landscape.


Michael Saylor’s vision for Bitcoin is ambitious, envisioning it as a revolutionary force in economics and corporate longevity. His prediction of Bitcoin reaching $10 million per coin and its potential to achieve “economic immortality” presents a radical shift in how businesses and individuals might perceive and utilize cryptocurrencies in the future. For more insights and updates on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trends, stay tuned to our coverage.