Ledger Launches New High-End Hardware Crypto Wallet

French startup Ledger, renowned for its secure crypto hardware wallets, has commenced shipping its latest Ledger Stax devices, nearly 18 months after their announcement.

The updated Ledger Stax features an E-Ink display, designed in collaboration with Tony Fadell, a key figure behind the iPod’s design. E-Ink technology, known for its readability in daylight and low power consumption, is commonly found in e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle.

After fulfilling all preorders, Ledger will make the Ledger Stax available for purchase on its website. The company faced delays due to challenges in producing curved E-Ink displays at scale, a key feature of the Ledger Stax.

What sets the Ledger Stax apart from Ledger’s previous models, such as the Nano S Plus and Nano X? Unlike those devices, the Ledger Stax boasts a larger display with a secure touch screen that directly interacts with the device’s secure element. This feature promises greater ease of use compared to the arrow buttons on previous Ledger models.

While the Nano S Plus only supports a USB-C cable, both the Nano X and the Stax feature a Bluetooth chip. This allows users to initiate and validate crypto transactions from their phone without the need for wires.

Targeting high-end customers, Ledger initially offered the Ledger Stax for €279 during the preorder phase (approximately $300 USD). The final retail price will be confirmed when the device becomes available again on Ledger’s website.

Thanks to its curved display, the Ledger Stax can display information on its spine even when the device is off, a feature beneficial for users with multiple hardware wallets. Additionally, the Ledger Stax includes built-in magnets for easy alignment and supports Qi wireless charging.

In terms of security, Ledger’s products are built around a secure element where private keys are stored securely, ensuring that even if a computer or phone is compromised, assets remain safe. However, Ledger cannot protect against phishing, social engineering, or scams, which are the most common crypto hacking attempts.

For users concerned about losing their device, Ledger provides a recovery option using a secret recovery phrase. Additionally, Ledger offers a subscription product for users who prefer an alternative to recovery phrases.

The Ledger Stax also marks the beginning of a production partnership with Foxconn, a major consumer electronics manufacturer. While previous devices were assembled in Vierzon, France, the Nano S Plus and Nano X will continue to be manufactured there.

Having sold more than 6 million devices to date, Ledger estimates it secures approximately 20% of the world’s crypto assets, solidifying its position as a leading provider of secure crypto hardware wallets.