An Insider’s Guide to Earning as a Copywriter

Who is a copywriter? Simply put, a copywriter is someone who can skillfully and engagingly express their thoughts in written form. Let’s be honest, life is often mundane. Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” doesn’t tell us anything groundbreaking—it’s a classic tale of infidelity, not unlike what your neighbor or classmate might experience. If you aspire to become a copywriter, even talent takes a backseat to perseverance and hard work. A good copywriter is someone who never gives up.

Currently, I enjoy a decent and stable income from copywriting. I don’t need to wake up at six in the morning, endure traffic jams, or spend money on bus fare to cross the city. My daily schedule is entirely up to me. I decide when to take a day off. I don’t have to queue for a doctor’s appointment to get a sick leave note or deal with a boss’s tantrums. Why? Because I’m a copywriter.

However, my journey wasn’t always smooth. A friend and I decided to try our hand at writing articles and registered on a popular content marketplace. As newcomers, clients were hesitant to work with us. Remember, no matter how brilliant or skilled you are, clients have no reason to trust you initially—they don’t know your professionalism. Even if a client picks you and you pour your heart and three hours into writing about a window handle, don’t expect a king’s ransom. This happened to my friend. Disheartened by the meager earnings, he quickly gave up. I, on the other hand, kept writing, gradually building my rating and a clientele that appreciated my work and kept coming back. My pay per thousand characters increased as well. There were times I didn’t get paid—it was frustrating. But even that didn’t stop me. Persistence is key.

So, what do you need to become a copywriter? Just determination and perseverance. Copywriting is about crafting well-written articles. All the information is already in your head—you just need to articulate it beautifully.

The beginning will be tough. But as you progress, tasks will become easier. Your rating will rise, and so will your income. If you decide to devote some time to copywriting, search for article marketplaces online, register, and start selling your written articles.

Initially, write about topics you are very familiar with. Don’t set high prices at first—your articles are unlikely to sell. Don’t expect good earnings from just two or three articles. The more articles you write, the higher your chances of making good sales.

Making money in copywriting is entirely possible—you just need to give it a try.