Introducing the OnePlus Nord 4: A Modern Smartphone with a Classic Twist

The OnePlus Nord 4 introduces a feature rarely seen in today’s smartphones: an all-metal unibody design. Is the OnePlus Nord 4 the best-looking Nord phone yet? It’s certainly the boldest, with innovative use of materials that set it apart. The Nord 4’s all-metal unibody is a nod to classic smartphone manufacturing techniques, now rare in an era dominated by metal and glass blends.

All-Metal Unibody Design

What makes the all-metal unibody special? Unlike modern smartphones that blend metal with glass, the OnePlus Nord 4’s chassis is machined from a single piece of metal. This design ensures a seamless, smooth hand feel, free from sharp edges or ridges. The antenna bands, crucial for cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, are seamlessly integrated, making them almost unnoticeable. The back of the Nord 4, however, features a glass camera module housing two cameras and two flash units. Available in Mercurial Silver and Obsidian Midnight, the aluminum back has a striking two-tone finish and a subtly ridged texture that resists fingerprints and marks while maintaining a reflective appeal.

Iconic Alert Slider and Button Placement

The OnePlus Nord 4 retains the beloved Alert Slider, now positioned at the top left side of the phone. Although its high placement may be less convenient for casual use, it remains a valued feature. The right side features a power button and volume rocker, while the bottom includes a SIM tray, USB-C charging port, and speaker outlet. Following the launch of the OnePlus Nord CE 4 Lite, OnePlus continues to expand its lineup with the OnePlus Nord 4, OnePlus 12, and OnePlus 12R in a busy 2024. Stay tuned for the official reveal on July 16, where OnePlus will unveil more about the OnePlus Nord 4.