Does the iPad Pro (2024) come with a pen?

With the announcement of the iPad Pro (2024), Apple introduced a new Apple Pencil. Priced at $129, the Apple Pencil Pro is the most advanced stylus from Apple, featuring new functionalities such as squeeze, barrel roll, and haptic feedback. These enhancements make note-taking, artwork creation, and other tasks more intuitive on your tablet.

  • Squeeze: Activating this feature brings up a palette on the iPad display, allowing you to switch tools, adjust line weights, and change colors.
  • Barrel Roll: Rotate the stylus to change the orientation of shaped pen and brush tools.
  • Additional Features: The Apple Pencil Pro supports Apple Pencil hover, pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing and charging, and Find My functionality. It also connects magnetically to the iPad.

Apple Pencil USB-C

The iPad Pro (2024) also supports the $79 Apple Pencil USB-C, introduced in 2023. This more affordable stylus offers precision, low latency, and tilt sensitivity for a natural writing and drawing experience. Like the Apple Pencil Pro, it attaches magnetically to the iPad and supports Apple Pencil hover.

However, the Apple Pencil USB-C lacks several features found in the Apple Pencil Pro:

  • No Pressure Sensitivity: It does not offer the pressure sensitivity found in the Pro model.
  • No Wireless Charging or Pairing: It requires a wired connection for charging and pairing.
  • Limited Tools: It lacks the advanced tools such as squeeze and barrel roll.

In summary, while the iPad Pro (2024) does not come with a stylus, it offers compatibility with both the advanced Apple Pencil Pro and the more budget-friendly Apple Pencil USB-C, each providing different levels of functionality to suit your needs.