Cybertruck Deliveries Delayed Due to Windshield Wiper Issues

Several Cybertruck buyers expecting their new vehicles this week have been informed of a delay as Tesla addresses a safety issue with the windshield wiper motor. While Tesla has not officially confirmed the problem or issued a recall, numerous reports on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum and Reddit indicate that deliveries have been paused and rescheduled for the following week.

Owners have reported that the windshield wiper failed shortly after picking up their new Cybertruck. This is not the first time Tesla has had to halt Cybertruck deliveries. Earlier this spring, the company issued a recall affecting approximately 3,878 Cybertruck vehicles due to faulty accelerator pedals that could get stuck. The issue was resolved by installing a rivet, allowing deliveries to resume quickly.

The current windshield wiper problem has raised safety concerns among potential and new owners. Tesla’s swift response aims to ensure that all vehicles meet safety standards before being delivered to customers.