Ars Live: Is Starlink Profitable? Join the Discussion Today!

SpaceX’s Starlink project, aimed at providing global broadband via satellite, has made significant strides since its inception five years ago. Today, it stands as the world’s largest satellite operator by a wide margin, having launched approximately 6,000 satellites with its Falcon 9 rockets.

But the big question remains: Is Starlink profitable?

A recent report by Quilty Space suggests that it is. According to their analysis, Starlink’s revenue is projected to reach $6.6 billion in 2024, a substantial increase from virtually zero just four years ago. With a growing subscriber base of about 3 million users and effective cost controls, Quilty estimates that Starlink’s free cash flow will amount to approximately $600 million this year.

What does this profitability mean for the satellite internet industry? How has Starlink managed to achieve profitability in such a short span? And what does the future hold for this expansive network?

Join the discussion today with Caleb Henry, director of research for Quilty, who will delve into these questions and more. Caleb is a recognized expert in satellite-based internet, and he will provide deep insights into the evolution and impact of Starlink. We’ll also be fielding your questions during the livestream.

This Ars Live event marks our return after a few years, where Ars Technica’s reporters and editors engage with industry leaders on the most pressing technology and science topics of the day.

Don’t miss out! Tune in at 2 pm ET (18:00 UTC) on June 11 for our YouTube livestream. Let’s explore the future of Starlink and the competitive landscape of satellite-based internet together.