Apple Reportedly Offering Higher Trade-in Credit for Old iPhones

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will be offering increased trade-in values for old iPhones, but only if you’re trading up to an iPhone 15 model. This promotion is expected to start next Monday and continue until June 3, and will be available in-store in the US and Canada.

Apple currently lists trade-in values on its website for all iPhone models from the iPhone 7 onwards. Older models like the iPhone 7 typically have a trade-in value of around $50, whereas newer models such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max can fetch up to $630. These values are estimates and actual trade-in amounts may vary.

As Apple has not officially announced this promotion, it remains unclear how much the trade-in values will be increased. Nonetheless, if you’ve been holding onto an older iPhone and are considering an upgrade to an iPhone 15, this could be a good opportunity to get more value for your trade-in.

Keep an eye out for further details from Apple as the promotion period approaches.