AMD and Intel Delayed in Receiving Copilot+ Features

AMD and Intel are currently unable to access the Copilot+ features, despite launching new CPUs that meet Microsoft’s requirements. AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 and Intel’s Lunar Lake chips, both equipped with neural processing units (NPUs), will not support AI features available to Copilot+ PCs at launch. Instead, they will receive these features through a future software update.

Delayed Support for AI Features

Microsoft is initially restricting Copilot+ features, such as Recall and Auto Super Resolution, to laptops equipped with Snapdragon X Elite and Plus chips. James Howell, a marketing manager at Microsoft, confirmed that free updates would enable AI features on AMD and Intel PCs meeting the requirements “when available.” AMD expects Copilot+ support by the end of 2024, while Intel has not provided a specific timeline.

Potential Exclusivity with Qualcomm

Speculation suggests an exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm might be delaying Copilot+ updates for AMD and Intel. Qualcomm has previously referred to itself as the “exclusive” platform for Copilot+ PCs. Although there is no confirmed exclusivity deal for Copilot+, Microsoft’s history of deals with Qualcomm and Qualcomm’s commitment to Windows on Arm devices suggest a strategic partnership.

Future Availability for AMD and Intel

While AMD and Intel’s new chips are arriving soon, it may take several months before Copilot+ features are enabled on these devices. During Intel’s Lunar Lake reveal, Michelle Holthaus, executive vice president of client computing, mentioned that the rollout would extend from the end of the year through February of the next year. This indicates that while the hardware will be available, the software updates to support Copilot+ might be delayed until broader availability is ensured.


Although AMD and Intel will eventually receive Copilot+ features, they will not be available at launch. Microsoft’s decision to initially restrict these features to Snapdragon-equipped devices points to a strategic delay, possibly influenced by a partnership with Qualcomm. Users of AMD and Intel chips can expect Copilot+ updates later in 2024, following the broader rollout of these features.