Steve Jobs’ Three Stories

Today I stumbled upon a very interesting video that deeply moved me. It was a speech by Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, delivered to Stanford University graduates.

The speech touches the soul and compels respect for Jobs, a man with remarkable acumen. What he said sounded like a plot from a drama, but it was still fascinating.

The video consists of two parts in which the Apple founder briefly recounts his success, using three stories from his life as examples. It turned out to be very motivational.

Despite the video being from 2005, its relevance hasn’t diminished, and who knows if it ever will. I strongly recommend watching it!

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By the way, Steve Jobs’ story is partially mentioned in the film ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley,’ albeit from a different angle. The film is quite similar to the recent ‘The Social Network’ about Zuckerberg and his Facebook.

Is Steve Jobs a genius? Many argue about this, but without any doubt, even if this person is a very lucky businessman, it does not diminish his merits. He has left a permanent mark in history. However, whether Apple can exist and develop without his efforts and simply his name is a very big question – even more controversial than Jobs himself.

I would like to remind you that the creator of Apple is seriously ill with cancer, but I am sure that he will devote himself to his work until his last day.