Main Mistakes of a Sales Website

Just a couple of decades ago, it was hard to dream of such a global market as today’s World Wide Web.

The high level of commercialization observed on the expanses of the modern Internet is quite understandable. However, not every website achieves commercial success. Creating a selling website is an art that not all users of the online space possess.

In most cases, the main mistakes are the result of a wrongly chosen promotion and development strategy of the selling website, as well as a lack of attention to the interests of potential buyers. Understanding the main mistakes that negatively affect the effectiveness of a commercial virtual platform can help solve the problem. Below are the main ones.

Mistakes of a Sales Website:

  1. Standard text material: The website owner posts material that is not sales-oriented and is filled with water, which is not of interest to potential buyers of the distributed product. Sales texts should discreetly encourage the reader to take a specific action that is of interest to the online store owner.
  2. Lack of a clear structure: Unclear site structure means potential customers cannot find an order or purchase form, or contact information for virtual store employees. If a buyer cannot find even a shopping cart, this is a major problem.
  3. Excessive or insufficient content in tables and price lists: In both cases, a customer cannot fully assess the benefits of the proposed product and, therefore, will not purchase it.
  4. Lack of a visual representation of goods: Sales pages of the website should feature clear images of the proposed product, from various angles. Publishing non-unique photos is preferable to their total absence.
  5. Poor usability: This creates a negative impression of the site among visitors. Non-functioning features, such as a registration form, an order basket, subscription to the newsletter, and other elements, are particularly damaging.

These main mistakes can significantly reduce the efficiency of your commercial website. Addressing them can improve user experience and increase conversion.