Creating a Doorway for Site Promotion

A Doorway is a page or a site with pages created as support for specific keyword phrases. Doorways have only one goal – to occupy a leading position in search query rankings.

For visitors, doorways do not contain any useful information, only texts, sometimes completely useless, but with keywords and tags that mean something only to search engines.

There is supportive software for such actions. Web Position Gold is a program that can automate the creation of a large number of doorway pages in a short period of time. Pointer pages, Hallwy pages, Inform pages – this is one software strategy. I won’t go into detail.

A well-created doorway sometimes looks like a page similar to other pages on some sites. Sometimes, to avoid distracting visitors with other links from a link to your site, tools such as a beautiful picture with an image of the site, a small amount of text, and a highlighted link are enough to guide the user to the desired site.

In general, the main difference between a doorway and pages on a site is that there is nothing extra or unnecessary in it, only keywords. Because of this, such a page will have a high level of relevance. Search engines do not notice the difference between site pages and doorways, but they still fight vigorously against any manifestations of website optimization methods, and if such a similar doorway is found, search engines will ban it anyway. When creating a doorway, it is necessary to know that this serves as a breakthrough to ban Yashi and Gugli, and the optimizer uses only part of its capabilities. Such a site optimization path is considered the most popular.

A doorway is created much easier than a site. The main distinctive feature of a doorway is that they belong to search engines, and pages are created for its visitors. Well… repetition is the mother of learning.))

On topic: besides ordinary (white) doorways, there are also black ones. What they represent can be understood from their creation. A black doorway is very simple. To do this, you need to put a javascript in the code of the page, in which there will be a link to the address of the promoted site. The point of doorways is that with the help of special technologies and keyword phrases, it is easy to get into the top search engines. Once upon a time, many doorways were used: http://www., http://www., etc. But fortunately, our modern search engines have learned to recognize such tricks, for which in the end such sites were simply penalized.

As for a white doorway, here too, everything is quite simple. First, get an ordinary web page. Enter keywords in the Title tag, then write “site optimization” in the h1 tag, fill the page with content, place a link, and the white doorway is ready. Many will ask, why use doorways then, if search engines don’t like them? Because they are good at times when there is a need to create a large volume of pages.