Annoying Website Design

Have You Ever Considered Your Site Might Be Unpleasant?

When it comes to web design, knowing what visitors hate most is crucial if you want them to return to your site.

This article describes what you should avoid on your website—things that, bluntly speaking, will scare visitors away.

Background Music – Unless you’re running an internet radio station or selling music CDs, there’s no reason to have MIDI/WAV files playing continuously on every page. Worse yet is the constant restart of the same track on each page reload. It’s unbearable!

Huge Font Size – If you’re designing a site for people with visual impairments, you’re doing the right thing. But if not, oversized fonts make it seem like you’re shouting at your visitors. People don’t like being shouted at.

Tiny Font Size – Want to be heard? Maintain a normal tone. Don’t “shout,” but speak in a reasonable font size that’s easy to read.

Layer Overlays – Layers can be very useful up to a point. However, they become irritating when used to place intrusive messages in front of visitors. Don’t try to force visitors to read your messages. Persuade them gently instead.

Pop-Up Windows – The annoying thing about pop-ups is that they can cause visitors to miss important information. Don’t use pop-ups. Place all essential information in one easy-to-access area on your site.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can ensure a more pleasant and engaging experience for your website visitors.