About design in general

Design is the construction of household items, machines, and equipment based on principles of combining convenience, economy, and fashion.

When developing a design, a professional designer should strive for it to be functional. At the same time, they must consider the aesthetic side (external appearance) of the design, its purpose, as well as the latest achievements in technology and materials science.

The Age of Design

The word “design” originates from the Italian word disegno. From the 14th to the 16th centuries, during the Italian Renaissance, this term referred to the conception of an artistic work, as well as its sketches. Nowadays, this term denotes a whole spectrum of activities – from detailed architectural design to artistic decoration of books, magazines, and more.

Sketch Project

At the initial stage, many designers – including artists, architects, cinematographers, and fashion designers – create sketches of their ideas on paper. Before creating any building or device, a designer produces a miniature model. Fashion designers often sew trial samples of clothing from inexpensive fabrics.

Computer Design

These days, designers actively use computers, which allow them to experiment on screen with volumetric models. Computer-aided design programs enable designers to quickly modify details, while the computer calculates and updates the other elements of the design. Specialized software helps create cars, shoes, household appliances, and much more. Nowadays, the art of design encompasses practically all spheres of life.