How to Create a Copy-Paste Website

Most people who create their own websites care deeply about content quality and wouldn’t consider stealing information from others. They say it’s just a waste of time.

But in reality, giving advice in vain is actually a waste of time.

Everyone just goes by hearsay. You need to learn by doing and from your own mistakes, not those of others.

If you carefully examine search results, you’ll see that the top-ranking sites have practically identical content. For example, the same article about vacations in the Emirates appears many times on different websites without a source link. You see, there’s nothing scary here, the main thing is to steal information correctly.

If you’ve decided to create a copy-paste website, first and foremost, you must not rush to post large quantities of text. You simply need to update your site 3-5 times a day, but most importantly, ensure that your content is from various sites. If you make a copy of someone else’s website, it won’t lead to anything good.

After the first few months of intensive copy-pasting, you can move on to promoting and monetizing your site. Don’t worry if you’re not indexed by Yandex in the first month – maybe it just hasn’t processed information about your site yet and hasn’t had time to add it to the search engine index.